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Award winning non-contact metrology for solar cells


CCI SunStar helping to improve the efficiency of solar cells

  • Step, trench and roughness measurement
  • Universal measurement technique for all surfaces
  • Measure coating thickness down to 50nm

Save valuable time, reduce errors and quickly get the results you need

Step and trench measurements
Optimising the trench depth of the cells is important to minimise expensive silver trace usage. For controlling the trench dimensions the CCI SunStar offers the ability to measure silver trace height and width allowing optimisation of cell efficiency thereby reducing cost.

Surface roughness
The relationship between the surface roughness and efficiency is complex. Rough surfaces trap more light than smooth surfaces. Surfaces that are too rough reduce the efficiency due to scattering.

Advanced 3D parameters offer correlation. Valleys on the surface help to trap light so parameters such as Ssk show strong correlation with cell efficiency. Other non ISO standard parameters such as Sbi can also be correlated.

Film thickness measurement
The CCI SunStar offers unique film thickness capability. Ideal for the investigation of transparent conductive oxide coating as well a wide variety of other coating types. The CCI SunStar provides a better understanding of coating thickness and uniformity leading to improved solar efficiency and process control.

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