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Go Beyond High Definition


Optical profiler with thin & thick film measurement capability

The new CCI SunStar merges world leading non-contact dimensional measurement capability with advanced thin and thick film technology.

Talysurf CCI delivers results you can trust with industry leading performance...

  • Film thickness measurement from 5 um down to 300 nm or less
  • 4 million pixel camera for high resolution imaging over a large area
  • Auto-range and auto-fringe-find for ease of use
  • Single mode of operation over all scan ranges for data you can trust
  • Strong, stable and robust closed loop Z scanning mechanism

High Definition Imaging

Easier, Quicker, Better - high resolution measurement on the CCI SunStar
"The move to high definition detectors has opened up many new possibilities; collecting high resolution data over large areas quickly provides benefit to all customers." Dr Mike Conroy - Interferometer Specialist

Easier - These cameras remove the need for FOV optics and reduce the constant switching of objectives required with traditional interferometers, reducing the overall cost and complexity of system operation.

Quicker - The ability to measure at high resolution over a large areas means that there is less need for stitched measurement. When stitching is required larger areas mean the speed of data collection is greatly improved.

Better - software zooming can be used to study multiple areas from one single measurement; the large number of datapoints allows measurement of roughness and waviness from one dataset.

Film Thickness Measurement

New advances in interferometry are enabling more detailed studies of coatings

The latest interferometers can now use field reflectances from different layers of a coated surface to measure the thickness and the roughness of coatings. Two different approaches can be used, depending upon the coating thickness.

The Talysurf CCI SunStar has been designed to offer both types of film thickness measurement in additions to dimensional and roughness capability. Thick film analysis has been used in recent years to study semi-transparent coatings down to about 1.5 microns; the limit is dependent on the refractive index of the materials and the NA of the objective. Thinner coatings have proved more of a challenge.

It is now possible to study thin film coatings down to <300 nm (also refractive index dependent) by interferometry. This new approach allows the study of properties such as film thickness, interface roughness, pinhole defects and delamination of thin coated surfaces, all from a single measurement.

Film thickness

Thin Film Measurement
Thin film coatings are analyzed by the application of the helical complex field (HCF) approach, Patent Taylor Hobson. This is seamlessly integrated into the Talysurf CCI SunStar software and used alongside the standard dimensional and roughness measurement and analysis tools.

Thick Film Measurement
The images shown below are from and oil on metal sample. The top surface roughness, film thickness, film thickness variation and oil metal interface roughness can all be studied. The measurement can be automated so that multiple areas can be studied.